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Explaining the government discourse with the slogan "People-oriented Government, Strong Iran" for Iranian elite community at CSS

Khayatian: In line with the President's slogan entitled "People-oriented Government, Strong Iran", we intend to examine the discourses focusing on justice, rationality and progress and explain it to the Iranian elites.
PictureExplaining the government discourse with the slogan "People-oriented Government, Strong Iran" for Iranian elite community at CSS

during the Induction and Valedictory Ceremony of the New CSS Head and referring to the existence of an elite network in the country, Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Khayatian said: The expectation from the Center for Strategic Studies is, in the first place, to use the Iranian elite network, which was proposed within the plans of Iranian President, so the center will definitely use the capacity of the country's elites by providing the required models.

He added: "My approach in this center is problem-oriented, so we must consider issues with macro-strategic nature and invite the elites in various discourses to reach a series of strategies and attitudes to be used in different parts of the government."

Noting that the CSS charter emphasizes the institution of dialogue and this issue was also important for the Iranian President, CSS Head said: "We must have different approaches and discourses and this center becomes a place for expert dialogue and this mission has been entrusted to me by the President."

Khayatian referred to the issue of government discourse, which was also emphasized by the President, and said: "Another mission assigned to CSS is to create a government discourse, which we are trying to explain it to the Iranian elite network according to the President's slogan since the election, entitled "People-oriented Government, Strong Iran". The people themselves must demand this slogan, and we also need a scientific and promotional work in this regard, which we will pursue.

He added: "At the Center for Strategic Studies of we intend to explain this slogan to the country's elites from different areas through properly explaining this slogan and by creating discourses centered on justice, rationality and progress."

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